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Where to start/how to order?

The designing of any order begins with the preparation of technical task. You have to make a task, as detailed as possible, in which you write your wishes and ideas.

For example:

We want to order a character that will be used on the website and on the package of ice-cream. In our vision it’s a boy about 7-9 years old. He is funny, with an ice cream in his hand and who is looking at the viewer.


In this case, everything is described in detail and the artist can immediately start to sketch.


I have made a technical task. What are the next steps?

After the preparation of the technical project you agree with us all the details and nuances on the project, the price and the term of work.

How to pay for the order?

The order payment consists of two steps. After the technical task provision you pay 50% of the agreed price and then we start working.

Well, we have paid 50% of the cost, what’s next?

After payment the artist makes a sketch and gives it to you. At this point you can make adjustments to your discretion or approve the sketch at once. Immediately after all corrections have been made and the sketch is approved the artist starts creating outlines or to color the sketch (At this stage you can make some minor adjustments. Otherwise, we need to go back to the outline and you should pay extra for the correction of the approved sketch). After the artist finishes his work he gives it to you for agreement. At the end of this stage it’s still possible to change the color or to make minimal adjustments.

We like the finished work, how can we get the source material of our order?

You pay the remaining 50% of the cost and we’ll send you all the source files of your order.


What is the cost of your services?

We’ve got calculated prices for our work ( illustrations, characters etc.), but every order is unique and without seeing the technical task it’s difficult to say how much it will cost. Therefore, prices may be either smaller or larger than we have set.


How long do you fulfill the orders?

Terms of execution of your order are discussed when the technical task will be read.

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