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Character design

Relive your brand with vivid character endowed with emotion and personality!

Vivid, memorable character allows the user to remember your product faster and easier and even at a cursory glance the character associates with your brand.

Let the character speak in the name of your product!


For example, the character designed by us for a site for learning English LinguaLeo.ru 

The character can make a present to the user, tell about the next action or wish many hapy returns of the day in the name of our company.

To convey the emotions invested in it in the form of pleasant pictures is the aim of any character. You can easily convey the nature of the character in an understandable manner. The character can be safely placed on any resource of the company: website, packaging, writing, advertising banner, so that it can attract the attention and remain in the memory of all who cast a glance on it at least once.


The artist thinks with his hands. There are a lot of ways to think out the character.

You can write long technical projects or fill in the briefs. It is easier to agree the desired result with the customer and to start doing the work.

The sketch is a primitive figure, thoughts reflected on a sheet of paper. It is a pleasant, laborious and most time-consuming part of the task. The more experienced we became, the less time we had to redraw the sketch.  




When the idea of the character has been approved, the artist starts creating contours.


At this stage it is sufficient to make significant changes but global adjustments require reset to the sketches, that is why to complement and not to do over again are the main rules. At this stage it is possible, for example, to adjust clothing, facial expression and work over small details.

It is important to understand that a complete and approved t sketch it is actually finished drawing, which only needs to paint. That is why the basic agreement of the future character takes place at this stage.




Stage of coloring is very interesting and time-consuming. At this stage the artist can change only color depending on the wishes of the customer without altering previously approved design.


The artist who works on our characters has years of experience. He is the man who likes to draw cartoon characters, he gives all he has got in their design from the sketches to finished version.

Characters as illustrations can be raster and vector. In raster characters the artist can make more complex color transitions but vector characters can be zoomed to any size.



Character design

Relive your brand with vivid character endowed with emotion and personality!

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Game Graphics

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