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Logo design

Your logo became outdated and bored not only the consumer but also to you? We’ll help you give your company personality!



There are several basic types of logos:

1. The logo with the use of illustrations (E.g., when, in addition to a text there is a character or an illustration of your activity in the logo)

2. Graphic logo or a Combination (When the logo has elements of graphics, signs, symbols that reveal the essence or the activities of your company)

3. Logotype/Wordmark (When the written original font of the company name or product is taken on the basis of the logo)


The main purpose of a logo is to attract the consumer's attention. Modern logo must be designed exactly for your target audience, they also must be readable, concise and easy to remember.

The logo is the basis of corporate identity.

At first glance, your product will occur association with the activities of your company and the quality of your products. A professional logo will help consumers remember your company, learn it from the thousands of other companies and thereby attract new clients.


Logos are like people. There can be complicated logos or simpler. But if a sign conveys clearly and unmistakably to the right audience that its owner wanted to tell then the artist has done his job perfectly. We think so. And it is our quality standard when working with logos.


Character design

Relive your brand with vivid character endowed with emotion and personality!

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Bright illustrations will make your products more noticeable, whether it is a print for clothes, book covers, corporate website or advertising banner.

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Logo design

Stylish and modern logos will help your business attract new customers

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Game Graphics

We create everything you need for bright cartoon games: interface elements, backgrounds, characters, game items and more

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